Eladrin Invoker


Endora is a young, very beautiful Eladrin woman. She dresses very provocatively and often flirts with those she talks to. She is a strong willed woman and usually doesn’t take no as an answer.


Endora walks the earth searching for wrongs to right. She came across a tiny elven village in the Feywood where everyone had been slaughtered, save for the children. A group of rogue Shadar-Kai were torturing the children, seemingly for sport. Endora stopped them however the leader escaped.

Endora traveled south to Allred and in Winterhaven, she heard rumor of a rift to the Shadowfell inside the old Keep. Endora set off by herself, hoping to find the Shadar- Kai leader. Once inside, Endora was taken by surprise and locked in a cell. She stayed there, starving for days. Finally aid came in the form of Tethlis, Mystery, Nadarr, Kayah and Clunk. She joined the group and the adventurers continued to search the Keep.


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