Warforged Bard


Clunk his huge and bulky. He’s a hodge-podge of shiny steel, rusted scrap metal and wood. He wears bright colors and proudly shows off his Master’s symbol on a flag he’s attached to his back. Clunk has a very easy going personality but he is quick to defend his allies when they are in danger. His love of music, art, and history have taught him many inspiring songs and witty retorts. He chooses to taunt his foes at a distance and only when the enemy has let their guard down, Clunk rushes in for an attack.


During the Great Wars in Ebberon, Clunk was just a mindless warforged aiding his fellow constructs in battle. Years after the war, Clunk was bought by an art collector named Sampson Sanz. Sampson kept Clunk in his private collection for five years until Clunk gain consiousness. Marveling over the warforged, Sampson taught him about the world and Clunk’s history as a warrior in the Great Wars. Clunk also learned about art, literature and history, but was most interested in music. Clunk practiced hard and learned how to play several different insturments. His new found life was wonderful. Sadly, this would not last. Four years after Clunk became aware of himself, Sampson was killed robbers inside his home. Clunk walked in on the murderers rummaging through Sampson’s study. Enraged by the death of his master, Clunk killed the men searching the bodies, Clunk discovered orders to kill Sampson and steal his schematics for a “Magic Bomb.” Clunk looked over his mentor’s notes and found mention of such a device. It was sold on the black market to someone in the far land of Burnham.

Clunk traveled from Ebberon to on a great ship. Hidden below the deck, Clunk played his lute and read his history books. Eventually, he landed in Allred, where he began to explore the world, and search for meaning to his life.

In the town of Winterhaven, Clunk met up with a group of adventurers; Tethlis, Mystery, Kayah, and Nadarr.

While stopping the evil Kalarel from opening a rift into the Shadowfell, Clunk recognized a Magic Bomb. Clunk knew then he was one step closer to uncovering the plot behind his mentor’s death.

Recently, Clunk has been the subject of interest to a drow ranger wanting to buy him from the group. The group was also attacked by a Magic Consortium agent with intent on capturing Clunk.


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