Shardmind Psion


Detached, Sardonic, Intellectual, Short-Tempered, Perceptive, Manipulative.

Andouille is a crystaline construct. His body is made of razor sharp purple crystals. Energy pulses around him constantly. He is humanoid in form, though he lacks a mouth. He has considerable psionic powers that allow him to communicate telepathically with others.

While he is very Intellectual, he is very manipulative and sardonic. He has a short-temper, and usually acts out in anger, throwing objects in to the air with his psionics. Andouille feels detached from this mortal world. Everything is foreign to him. He doesn’t understand things like food or sleep.


Once a part of The Living Gate, Andouille was cast out of the Astral Sea and banished into the earth, inside a mountain. There, he was discovered by Hardrok Caffee. Partly indebted to the dwarf, Andouille traveled with his rescuer. Andouille is constantly hunted by dwarven miners seeking to destroy the shardmind, and sell his crystal body on the gem market.

While he is not actively seeking a way back to the Astral Sea, Andouille wants revenge on his fellow shardminds that banished him.


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